About Robert

Robert J. McCarter is very comfortable writing about characters as long as one of those characters is not himself. Actually Robert is anything but comfortable speaking (or writing) of himself in the third person, he finds it pretentious and silly.

So, let’s drop all that usual bio crap.

Hi, my name is Robert and I make things up and write them down. As a reader you may be interested in knowing something about me, so here goes:

I am a computer programmer by trade, and have been for a very long time. I wrote my first program over thirty years ago and never stopped. I found the dramatic arts in High School, which got me through that rather daunting rite of passage, and fell in love with the arts. After High School I started writing really bad poetry about how lonely I was, and how clueless I was about the opposite sex (which, fortunately for all of us, I burned). After that my writing turned towards fiction.

I have written sporadically for several decades, and in what is, in all probability, part of a mid-life crisis, I started writing seriously (i.e. regularly) a few years ago.  I have always been drawn to the arts (acting, photography, fractal art, and writing) and find that I am most happy when I am being as creative as possible. Thus, all the sitting alone at my computer making things up.

My writing is colored by my technical (i.e. geek) past as well as my age. I’m no youngster so themes of death, grief, and change tend to creep into my writing (OK, that’s an understatement). Also, having been trained as an engineer, I like things to make sense and do my best to keep the hand waving to a minimum.

If you asked me to succinctly say something to summarize my writing style I would tell you to go buzz off. But then, after profuse apologies, I would say: “I write humanist-geek, character oriented sci-fi with heart.”

I live in the middle of a Ponderosa Pine forest in the mountains of Arizona with my beautiful wife and my ridiculously adorable dog.

If you’d like to get a hold of me, use the contact form. I’d love to hear from you, really I would.

Thanks for stopping by!

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