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A Story for Halloween

Back in 2009 when I first started to get serious about writing, my wife was putting together a lovely little writing group. It was a group of good friends that wanted to write various things. A couple of us were doing fiction, others a children’s book, and my wife was working on creating a book that would […]

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Toxicwasteman: A Villain? A Hero?

Superheroes need super-villains, right? Someone stronger than them that can be the obstacle our hero must overcome. An embodiment of evil that makes the goodness of our hero shine through. Right? But, that has never made much sense to me. We are all the heroes of our own story and the villain in someone else’s. It’s […]

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Wayne’s Legacy

Ten years ago today, my dear friend Wayne died. Wayne was young (just shy of 43) and danced with cancer for thirteen months before his death. The ending was difficult and sad. Wayne’s contribution to my life is anything but. He has changed me for the better in so many ways. I’ve blogged about Wayne before. […]

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Death by Starlight now available!

Every Day Fiction just posted my story Death by Starlight. This is a very short (600 words) experimental piece. In the acceptance email I got, the editor used the phrases “poetic imagery” and “vivid language” to describe it. I am very happy this story found a home. Go over to the Every Day Fiction site […]

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Fractal Friday: Vision Quest

A couple of creative incarnations ago, I went deep into the creation of fractals. I will go more in depth on that soon, but for now know that these images are all math. The landscape viewed is the inside of one (or more–sometimes they are layered) mathematical equations. First up is “Vision Quest” created in […]

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What is Enough?

Live is busy, isn’t it? Not just a little either–it seems to demand more of me than I think I have on a regular basis. Maybe you too. I’ve got my day job (programming) and my writing job (if you’re here, you know about that) and my non-profit job (helping my wife do her amazing […]

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A Fool’s Journey

My new novel, To Be a Fool: A Ghost’s Memoir, Book 2 is here and I’ve got a huge sale going on! Well, partially here. The ebook is out and the print book will be coming soon (I’m taking preorders for it now). This book begins right where Shuffled Off ends, furthering the adventures of […]

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Now In Print – Meteor Attack!

Falling in love and saving the world… If you recall, I released the first episode in my Superhero/Love Story series (“Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story”) last year. I’m still busy at work on it (two more episodes are in the pipeline) but in the meantime I have gotten the first episode into print. You […]

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