Drawing the Dead

Life and death are not that far apart…

What happens when we die? Viki Dobos knows, her job is to help people talk to their dearly departed. She draws them and they come to life on the page… briefly. When a rich Russian man hires her and whisks her to Hawaii, everything changes. The rich man wants her to do the forbidden, and a kind man she meets on the beach needs her more than he knows. Viki will have to confront her past, face her fears, and risk everything to help them.

From the author of A Ghost’s Memoir series (Shuffled Off and To Be A Fool) comes an unforgettable story of life, death, and the strange places in between.

What Readers are Saying

“A feel-good, romantic fantasy guaranteed to entertain.”

“This book is a great read that will leave you thinking about the meaning of life, death, the afterlife, and relationships long after you have finished the final page.”

“Intriguing, absorbing, out of the ordinary. Kept me turning the pages.”

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