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A Year in Stories, 2015 Edition

Last year, I did a roundup of 2014 writing-wise and what stories had come out. I wanted to do another one around the first of they year, but January has just gotten away from me. So, better late than never, here’s what stories came out in 2015: December This isn’t about a released story, but […]

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Life After Sale

For the next week (through Thursday, November 12th), the Life After ebook is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon.com! Writing short stories is where I started with this crazy adventure. My first novel was an accident and in many ways the short form is my first love writing-wise. You get to experiment and take chances, you get to […]

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Back to the Graveyard

I love my ghost friends: JJ, Jesus, Banquo, and all the rest–they are so real to me. With three novels down and a fourth in the works, I must. My “A Ghost’s Memoir” world (Shuffled Off, Drawing the Dead, and To Be a Fool) with it’s SECI chamber (basically a typewriter for ghosts) just begs for more stories […]

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Two Short Stories Available in Audio

Two of my short stories (“Death by Starlight” and “The Last Flight of the Acurus”) were recently featured on StarShipSofa podcast, episode #394. These are both stories of survival in space, old fashioned sci-fi with a bit of a twist. Acurus was my first sale and appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #58. Starlight […]

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A Valentine’s Gift

Falling in love and saving the world… For the next five days Meteor Attack!, the first episode my Superhero/Love Story series, is free over on Amazon. It’s Valentines day after all. What could be better than love, action, adventure, and a dash of humor? And in many ways this series is a Valentines to my […]

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A Year in Stories

2014 had come and gone in a flash of challenges, business, and unique experiences. Some good, some bad, many a humbling mixture of the two. As this blog is mostly about my writing, I thought I would list out my writing releases as a way to both catch you up on what I have been […]

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The Heart of the Hero

I love myths. I love the grand displays such stories can make. Heroes can be heroic. They can display courage and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They can face their fear and overwhelming odds and still take action. And that’s fun to watch. Superheroes stories are modern myths. My latest superhero/love story adventure is […]

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A Story for Halloween

Back in 2009 when I first started to get serious about writing, my wife was putting together a lovely little writing group. It was a group of good friends that wanted to write various things. A couple of us were doing fiction, others a children’s book, and my wife was working on creating a book that would […]

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