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Vegas, Baby!

In early March, I spent a week in Las Vegas at a workshop all about writing for anthologies and getting to understand how editors choose stories. I was one of 50 writers who wrote a bunch of stories, and then we read everyone’s stories to get the editor’s eye view of things (that was 1.3 […]

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New Passions at Any Age

See those smiles. That’s my wife, Aleia, and I after running our very first 10k last month at the Sedona Marathon. I’m 52, my wife is a tad older (being a gentleman and being married for so long, I shall not divulge her age). This day was the highlight of our year so far. Why? Well for […]

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Making Art With Your Friends

Writers are strange. Their imagined worlds are often so compelling that the “real” world has trouble keeping up. Writer brains are different, they will imagine a character they love and then imagine all the ways they can make that characters life a living hell (often with a triumphant ending, of course). They think about story […]

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Wayne’s Legacy

Ten years ago today, my dear friend Wayne died. Wayne was young (just shy of 43) and danced with cancer for thirteen months before his death. The ending was difficult and sad. Wayne’s contribution to my life is anything but. He has changed me for the better in so many ways. I’ve blogged about Wayne before. […]

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What is Enough?

Live is busy, isn’t it? Not just a little either–it seems to demand more of me than I think I have on a regular basis. Maybe you too. I’ve got my day job (programming) and my writing job (if you’re here, you know about that) and my non-profit job (helping my wife do her amazing […]

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