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Ten Years of Writing

Ten years ago, right about now, in the lull between Christmas and New Years, something magical happened to me. There were no work deadlines, no personal emergencies and I was reading Ursula Le Guin’s collection of essays on fantasy and science fiction, The Language of the Night. One of the essays hit home for me and […]

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50 Rejections and Counting

On 3/18/2009 I submitted a story called “As I Shall at Death” to Flash Fiction Online. It was rejected, and that rejection was psychologically hard. Now, nearly two years later, I am around 50 rejections and counting for a total of 15 stories. I am not completely sure of that number, I have a spreadsheet that I track […]

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Finding the Time

Writer John Scalzi has a great post on finding the time to write: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/09/16/writing-find-the-time-or-dont/ It is written with his usual sharp pointed wit, and right on the money. Here are some of my favorite bits: “So will you please just shut the fuck up about how hard it is for you to find the time […]

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