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A Big “First”

A contract, I just filled out a publishing contract! The 100 Stories for Haiti project is rolling along and legal issues needed to be dealt with. The first-ness of this continues, and I am doing my best to have the presence of mind to feel and enjoy the experience. Life is, of course, full of […]

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Goodbye Friend Leo

Leo, the dog, is a neighbor of mine and a friend. Today the cancer claimed his body and he is off to his next adventure. Yes, I am one of those dog-centric types and I have called many dogs friend. Indeed dogs have been some of this man’s best friends. Leo was a bright buoyant […]

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What is the future of eBooks?

Author JA Konrath has done a lot of thinking and writing on eBooks (not to mention making money selling them). If you are interested, check out his recent posts on the subject: E-Volution: While I don’t agree with the time-frame (tech always seems to evolve slower than expected), it is an interesting take on […]

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