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Day 16: Short Story Marathon

Summary Back to the scifi story I started last night, this one has a good, solid title: “With Light Years Between Us.” Made some progress early, but something wasn’t right. Realized I was writing too distant and was not including my protagonist’s complicated emotions. This uses a scifi concept to put into relief some very […]

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Day 10: Short Story Marathon

Summary Day 10! Into the double digits here on this marathon of writing. Didn’t know what to write this morning and browsed some exiting starts and saw one I had tried 3 different times that had a simple, poetic idea and ignored the starts an started over. It is tentatively titled, “The Stars in Hoshi’s […]

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Day 8: Short Story Marathon

Summary Got back to “Home in Time” and finished it. It’s ready to read to Aleia, but no time today. It came in at 4,450 words, again longer than planed. Later, grabbed a 875 word fantasy start from my training month, tentatively titled “Wink, Plum, and the Bones that March,” and added 2,00 words to that […]

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Day 7: Short Story Marathon

Summary One week in, 4 stories away, 26 to go. Yeah, this is starting to feel like a marathon. Up very early and threw out yesterday’s start on “Home in Time” and started fresh in first person with the correct name. And wouldn’t you know it, things are moving along nicely now that I’m pointed in […]

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