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Day 6: Short Story Marathon

Summary Got up early and went back to “Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon.” Corrected my misstep and threw out and redrafted a lot of the end. I had moved the character’s relationship a tad too fast, and missed great opportunities for drama and humor at the end. Which, is why it didn’t feel like […]

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Day 4: Short Story Marathon

Summary Two stories out the door! Story #1, “Woody and June vs. the Fungus-Head Zombies,” and story #2, the sci-fi android story now with a title,”Daisy’s Heart”. I read “Daisy’s Heart” to Aleia this morning and there were tears–a good sign for this story–and she helped me find the title. This was one of those […]

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Day 3: Short Story Marathon

Summary Found the end of the second story (scfi with an android), cleaned it up, and it’s ready to read to Aleia. Cleaned up story 1 (Woody and June vs the Fungus-Head Zombies) and read it to Aleia–she’s liking these and zombies aren’t her thing, so that’s a good sign. The fixing of the plot gave […]

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