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Seeing Forever is Out!

Maybe you can tell from the above image, I’m very excited about the release of Seeing Forever. Today is launch day, where this baby goes out into the world for you all to read. If I could put on a firework display to celebrate, I would. There is something I can do to celebrate. I’ve […]

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Followup #1: Short Story Marathon

The Short Version (TL;DR) I was a different person during the challenge. Focused. Driven (well, more driven). Exhausted, but happy. I prefer writing stories quickly, just letting the story take you over until it is done. I’m itching to do something like this again, but I have other priorities right now. It will be quite […]

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Day 33: Short Story Marathon

Summary Last story today! Really, can’t believe it. Last night when I was pondering it, the pressure descended. Last story of the challenge, better make it good. Nope. By the morning I had shaken that off. Pressure like that is terrible for the creative process. I got right to it, coming up with a interesting […]

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Day 32: Short Story Marathon

Summary Late start writing today at 6:45 a.m. (hey it’s a Sunday) and wrote a short time travel story called “Goodbye Mrs. Hopkins.” I thought it was going to be another piece of flash fiction, but not quite. At 1,300 words it’s very short. It is story #28. I’m liking these very short stories right […]

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Day 31: Short Story Marathon

Summary Another tough start this morning, but not as bad as two days ago. After a few false starts, I dug into a new story called “Last Days with Mary.” It’s #26 and 2,700 words long and is another, very different, android story. It features an unlikable protagonist and I almost aborted, but got a […]

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