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Back to the Graveyard

I love my ghost friends: JJ, Jesus, Banquo, and all the rest–they are so real to me. With three novels down and a fourth in the works, I must. My “A Ghost’s Memoir” world (Shuffled Off, Drawing the Dead, and To Be a Fool) with it’s SECI chamber (basically a typewriter for ghosts) just begs for more stories […]

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Making Art With Your Friends

Writers are strange. Their imagined worlds are often so compelling that the “real” world has trouble keeping up. Writer brains are different, they will imagine a character they love and then imagine all the ways they can make that characters life a living hell (often with a triumphant ending, of course). They think about story […]

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New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan

This all started with 100 Stories for Haiti, and has moved on from Haiti to Pakistan to Queensland and now Japan. On March 11, 20011 a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. We all saw the news, saw the devastation, witnessed the drama at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. When disaster strikes, what do you […]

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