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50 Stories for Pakistan is Here!

50 Stories for Pakistan Helping the victims of the floods Produced by Book Preview Actually, “50 Stories for Pakistan” has been out since October 28th, and  I am remiss in blogging about it. This is in no way a comment on my enthusiasm for it, just a testament to just how busy things have been. It is a […]

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50 Stories for Pakistan

Greg McQueen, the force behind 100 Stories for Haiti is at it again. This time it’s a book to support the victims of the flooding in Pakistan called 50 Stories for Pakistan. Once again he sent the call out for submissions, this time a limit of 500 works and “no stories with any violence, death, or […]

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Finding the Time

Writer John Scalzi has a great post on finding the time to write: It is written with his usual sharp pointed wit, and right on the money. Here are some of my favorite bits: “So will you please just shut the fuck up about how hard it is for you to find the time […]

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Page 190

My copies for “100 Stories for Haiti” came in about a week ago; a box shipped all the way from England. My wife was out, so I waited for her to get home to open the box. I was feeling a strange mixture of emotions and I really wanted someone to share the moment with […]

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100 Stories for Haiti is Here!

Woop! Well the book is out! 100 Stories for Haiti, which contains my story “The Path of the Faerie King” is on sale now. Here’s how you buy: Preview the eBook at Smashwords. Buy the eBook at Smashwords, you set the price. Buy the paperback from Bridge House Publishing in the UK. £11.99 + P&P. […]

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A Big “First”

A contract, I just filled out a publishing contract! The 100 Stories for Haiti project is rolling along and legal issues needed to be dealt with. The first-ness of this continues, and I am doing my best to have the presence of mind to feel and enjoy the experience. Life is, of course, full of […]

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100 Stories for Haiti

Author Greg McQueen is putting his time where is heart is and leading a project called 100 Stories for Haiti. It is a book project whose sales proceeds (as an eBook and a paperback) will go directly to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Haiti. I stumbled across this project on John Scalzi’s blog […]

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How Bad Do You Want It?

After 17 years, 138 rejections and 870,000 words Brad Torgersen finally made his first pro fiction sale. I guess he wanted it bad, I guess you gotta want it bad. Check out his post for more details. Think he had to do all that writing? (See my last post with my thoughts on the whys […]

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