The Work of Now

For those curious (or just happen to stumble onto this), here’s what I am working on creativity-wise*, listed in order of priority.

  • Diving back into short story writing after life got in the way for a while. Three (almost four) stories complete so far this year and more coming.
  • Of Things Not Seen, the third book in the “A Ghost Memoir” series is nearing the finish line–a few final changes and then off to the proofer. Finally! This installment is written by the ghost Jesus and tells the story of his past and his time in Mexico City when he is away from Tucson in book two (To Be a Fool).
  • Next up in the editing queue is my first sci-fi novella (short novel). It builds upon some of the themes and ideas in my short work. (For those less picky about the term sci-fi, in this case it refers to something science based–no ghosts or superheroes which fall more under fantasy).

This page inspired by the ever interesting Derek Sivers.

*. I am doing a lot of other things (such as programming and pitching in at Further Shore), but if you are on this site, I figure you are interested in my writing and other creative pursuits**

**. Not to say programming isn’t creative, it is. You just can’t curl up with it by the fire with a nice cup of tea and escape to anther world.

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