The Work of Now

For those curious (or just happen to stumble onto this), here’s what I am working on creativity-wise*, listed in order of priority.

  • Of Things Not Seen released in August! Finally!!
  • On July 4th completed a short story writing marathon (30 stories written in 34 days)
  • Recent semi-finalist position in Writers of the Future
  • Next book up for release is my first sci-fi novella (short novel). It builds upon some of the themes and ideas in my short work. (For those less picky about the term sci-fi, in this case it refers to something science based–no ghosts or superheroes which fall more under fantasy).

This page inspired by the ever interesting Derek Sivers.

*. I am doing a lot of other things (such as programming and pitching in at Further Shore), but if you are on this site, I figure you are interested in my writing and other creative pursuits**

**. Not to say programming isn’t creative, it is. You just can’t curl up with it by the fire with a nice cup of tea and escape to anther world.

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