Followup #1: Short Story Marathon

The Short Version (TL;DR) I was a different person during the challenge. Focused. Driven (well, more driven). Exhausted, but happy. I prefer writing stories quickly, just letting the story take you over until it is done. I’m itching to do something like this again, but I have other priorities right now. It will be quite […]

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Day 33: Short Story Marathon

Summary Last story today! Really, can’t believe it. Last night when I was pondering it, the pressure descended. Last story of the challenge, better make it good. Nope. By the morning I had shaken that off. Pressure like that is terrible for the creative process. I got right to it, coming up with a interesting […]

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Day 32: Short Story Marathon

Summary Late start writing today at 6:45 a.m. (hey it’s a Sunday) and wrote a short time travel story called “Goodbye Mrs. Hopkins.” I thought it was going to be another piece of flash fiction, but not quite. At 1,300 words it’s very short. It is story #28. I’m liking these very short stories right […]

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Day 31: Short Story Marathon

Summary Another tough start this morning, but not as bad as two days ago. After a few false starts, I dug into a new story called “Last Days with Mary.” It’s #26 and 2,700 words long and is another, very different, android story. It features an unlikable protagonist and I almost aborted, but got a […]

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