How Bad Do You Want It?

After 17 years, 138 rejections and 870,000 words Brad Torgersen finally made his first pro fiction sale. I guess he wanted it bad, I guess you gotta want it bad. Check out his post for more details.

Think he had to do all that writing? (See my last post with my thoughts on the whys of pursing your art.)

Wow, 138 rejections. Wow. Congradulations Brad.

2 thoughts on “How Bad Do You Want It?”

  1. Thanks, Robert. I’m either very persistent, or I totally suck! Seems like it shouldn’t have taken me so long to get to the First Pro Sale, but it did. Ah well, gotta try and make sure it’s not 17 more years to the next sale.

  2. Just to be clear Brad, I am in awe of your persistence.

    There is such competition out there for fiction. A rejection doesn’t mean it’s bad (right?), it just means that it wasn’t right for the editor or the editor preferred something else. After all, they can’t buy every story they like.


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