February 9, 2010

A Big “First”

A contract, I just filled out a publishing contract! The 100 Stories for Haiti project is rolling along and legal issues needed to be dealt with.

The first-ness of this continues, and I am doing my best to have the presence of mind to feel and enjoy the experience. Life is, of course, full of firsts: first step, first kiss, first date, first love, first heart-break, first car, first house, first job, first bike, first friend, first broken bone, first pet, first shave, first drink, first child, first death of a loved ones. These are markers on our journey and never come again.  Some of these you invite, some you don’t; some you notice, some you don’t; some are significant, some aren’t. This one is definitely invited, noticed and significant. While I hope to deal with many publishing contracts in the future there will be no other first one, no other one like this.

Ahhhhhhh. It feels good. It feels good.

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