March 23, 2010

Page 190

My copies for “100 Stories for Haiti” came in about a week ago; a box shipped all the way from England.

My wife was out, so I waited for her to get home to open the box. I was feeling a strange mixture of emotions and I really wanted someone to share the moment with and to make it real (because this all still wasn’t feeling that real).

When she got home I opened to box, grabbed a book and opened it (without flipping or hesitation) to page 190.

Now, there are 100 stories in this book so they are all rather short – mine being just 3 pages long. As it turns out the pages I opened to (190 and 191) is the only place in the book you can find just my story.

Page 190
Page 190

Yup, that’s right: I grabbed the book and opened immediately to my story. 290 places I could have opened it and I landed on the one with my words.

I started reading, not knowing it was “The Path of the Faerie King,” and my mind flipped about: “My this is familiar… Holy crap, I wrote this!”


You know this experience, overall, has been rather magical, but what are the odds?

There I Am (bottom right)

The other delight is to see my name is there right on the cover with the other authors (the cover design allowed all 100 names to appear, very nice).

If you haven’t already, go out and buy a copy (you can set your own price for the eBook version).

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