A Lesson in Light

When I started this blog, I intended to include some of my photographic work and thoughts. It has taken a while to get to it, but here we go.

Light is everything for photography, quite literally. I didn’t knew that, but didn’t really “know” it until last October at a KOA in Oklahoma.

We had just spent the month in Rochester, NY and were on our way back. The whole time there I was hoping for an early shift to the fall colors so I could get some spectacular pictures. Fall did not come early, and I was left with only managing a few poor shots of some changed leaves.

On the way back we arrived at our Oklahoma stop early in the afternoon, so I was out playing with the camera. Again I was confronted with some beautiful individual leaves and trees that had turned, but not the larger color soaked landscape I was after.

As you can see the leaf it self is lovely, but nothing special. I then took the leaf and held it to the beautiful blue sky to get it to pop.

Better, but not great. I mean it just a leaf right?

Then rotating and playing in/with the light I found just the right angle.

Wow, what a difference (this image has not been color corrected). The sun was low in the horizon and hitting the leaf at an angle from behind, literally illumining it. Same leaf, same day, different light. It makes all the difference. It’s not the fall landscape I was looking for, but it portrays fall in a beautifully intimate way.

I have a series of these “illumined leaf” images. I’ll get the put together at some point.

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