October 12, 2010

50 Stories for Pakistan

Greg McQueen, the force behind 100 Stories for Haiti is at it again. This time it’s a book to support the victims of the flooding in Pakistan called 50 Stories for Pakistan.

Once again he sent the call out for submissions, this time a limit of 500 works and “no stories with any violence, death, or mass destruction.” With 20 million people displaced by the flooding, I was inspired by by the effort.

I had a hard time with the constraints of the story. We lost one of our four legged friends, Emerson, in August, an my writing has been reflecting my mood: dark. But finally, an image came to me several days before the deadline and I got a story written.

That story, “A Fluttering,” has been accepted for the book. In fact I just finished proofing it and two others stories from the print ready PDF Greg sent to the authors. I loved the stories I read and am looking forward to reading the entire thing.

This is my second published story (the first being “The Path of the Faerie King” in 100 Stories for Haiti) and I am thrilled! Rejection is a big part of this writing thing, but having someone say yes every once in a while is such a help. And the intent behind these books is amazing: writers writing to help those in need.

The book we be out soon, and just like 100 Stories for Haiti before it, it is a great opportunity to enjoy some wonderful fiction and help some people in need. I will post again when I have details on where you can buy the book.

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