February 8, 2011

Doing What You Love + Lending A Hand = AWESOME

100 Stories for QueenslandDoing What You Love + Lending A Hand = AWESOME.

My story, “Soggy Shoes,” was accepted for the 100 Stories for Queensland anthology, and I am personally thrilled to be able to contribute and to get into print again. It is my first non-scifi/fantasy story and is a sweet little romance (as in: boy loses girl, boy admits he’s and idiot; boy gets girl back).

What is happening to Australia is reminding me a lot of what happened to Flagstaff, albeit on a much smaller scale, last summer. We had a devastating fire, followed by flooding, with a few very unusual tornadoes thrown in for good measure. When disaster strikes we humans seem to be pretty good at pulling together and helping out. In our modern age this is greatly aided by technology, make the world that much smaller.

This is a bunch of writers, from all around the world, voluteering their time doing what they love to help those in need. And as I’ve mentioned before, there is something so beautfiul about being able to help out, doing what you do, from where you are.

So all you folks that love to read, please consider buying a copy and do what you love (reading) while helping those in need. All proceeds go to Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief appeal.

Remember: Doing What You Love + Lending A Hand = AWESOME. And come on, you know you love to read! Stay tuned for more details, the book is expected out on March 8th.

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