December 8, 2012

Now in Print and Coming Soon

It’s been a long time since I’ve had any writing news to report. Not that I haven’t been writing, I have. And writing a lot. I just haven’t gotten anything new out the door. Much is coming next year, though (see below).

Today I want to talk about two stories now available in print.

New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan

This is a charity anthology with all proceeds going to the Red Cross to continue to help recovery from the 2011 tsunami in Japan

It is a lovely collection that contains my story “Shogun Dreams.”

“Shogun Dreams” is a story about Jeffery Smith, a wholly unremarkable man, that through a personal challenge becomes quite remarkable.

I am very pleased with this story and glad it got in the collection and can do it’s part to help people in need.

So, what to read some great stories for a great cause? It’s available in print and as an ebook at

Probability: Resolve now in print

I know some of my readers prefer print. So, I am going back through all my ebook-only titles and one by one will be releasing them in print.

With Print on Demand (POD) the way it is these days, there really is not much reason not to do this. This one is priced at $4.99 and comes with a sample of  The Turing Test Will Be Televised at the end.

One hitch, the way the economics of a POD book this cheap you can only get it from Amazon. You can buy them here.

I’ll have a few in stock soon, so if you want a signed copy let me know. At some point I’ll get a better online bookstore going.

Coming Soon

I have two novels coming very soon. The next one, Drawing the Dead is nearly done and I expect to have it out around February. This book occurs in the Shuffled Off universe, but focuses on the living communicating with the dead (instead of the other way around like Shuffled Off). The protagonist is Viki Dobos, she has a gift and when she draws the dead the come to life briefly and talk to the living.
And later this year will be To Be a Fool: A Ghost’s Memoir, Book 2. JJ and the crew will be back!
And there is more coming in 2013. I can’t wait. Thanks for reading.

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