July 27, 2013

Now In Print – Meteor Attack!

Falling in love and saving the world…

Meteor Attack! 300If you recall, I released the first episode in my Superhero/Love Story series (“Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story”) last year. I’m still busy at work on it (two more episodes are in the pipeline) but in the meantime I have gotten the first episode into print.

You might notice a rearrangement of the title. The episode name, “Meteor Attack!” is now the title and “Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story” is now the subtitle. Same book, just a better ordering of the title. The cover has also been tweaked a bit.

These stories are blast to write and from the feedback I’ve gotten, a blast to read! Here’s what some folks have said:

“Loved it, loved it, loved it. I’m a major sucker, though, for a good love story. You had me emotionally involved from the get-go.”

“Beautiful love story draped in outrageous humor. Romantic comedy at its best.”

“…had me howling/falling out of my chair.”

“Perfect balance between sci-fi, humor, and romance.”

If you haven’t taken a look yet, please give it a try. You can read the prologue and the first few chapters now.

Episode 2, “Toxic Asset” will be out later this year.

In Other News

To Be a Fool, the next book in the “Ghost’s Memoir” series in in the final stages. I expect to have it out in October. More JJ, Jesus, Banquo and the gang. Here’s a sneak peak of the nearly finished cover and the blurb:

To Be a Fool CoverWho wants to rest in peace?

Want to have a happy afterlife as a ghost? Then, stay out of the bardo (your own personal hell); avoid your old meat-life—it only leads to trouble; and take your time with your unfinished business. In other words, rest in peace.

But, resting in peace doesn’t work for JJ Lynch. He will have to break all the rules and risk everything to do the right thing and find his way in the afterlife.

Using technology developed at the University of Arizona, JJ communicates from beyond the veil to tell his mind-bending story of life beyond death in his own words.

Thanks and happy reading!


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