October 7, 2014

Toxicwasteman: A Villain? A Hero?

Toxic-Asset---Front---300Superheroes need super-villains, right? Someone stronger than them that can be the obstacle our hero must overcome. An embodiment of evil that makes the goodness of our hero shine through. Right?

But, that has never made much sense to me. We are all the heroes of our own story and the villain in someone else’s. It’s a matter of perspective.

“Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.” — John Barth

But I’m writing an epic series of superhero books (with that long view of a love story interwoven). Don’t I need a nasty villain? Well yes, and no. I need a character that contrasts Neutrinoman and Lightningirl. I needed a character that is very different. I need someone who is not a straight arrow like Neutrinoman, someone who has a moral compass, it’s just a very different moral compass. Someone who sees the world and this crisis differently.

I need Toxicwasteman.

He’s the villain of this story, but he is also the hero of his own story.

He’s also a blast to write and I smile every time he is in a scene. He’s a little over the top, he’s smart and driven, doesn’t care about the rules or what people think, and is more than a tiny bit nuts.

And in Toxic Asset: Neutrinoman and Lightningirl, A Love Story, Episode 2, he’s kind of the star of the show. In Episode One, Meteor Attack!, we met Nick/Neutrinoman and Licia/Lightingirl. We were confronted with the two threads of this adventure (love story and alien threat). Now it’s time to get deeper into the world of our once regular people facing extraordinary circumstances. Now it’s time for Neutrinoman to face off against Toxicwasteman.

Ready for the adventure to continue? You can start reading a sample now or find out how to buy here.

If you haven’t read Meteor Attack! yet, it’s available in paperback as well as ebook formats. It’s also free right now over on Noisetrade.

Here’s what some readers have said about the series:

“Love—the best superpower! Enjoy a witty fun adventure as your heart strings are tugged to play a hauntingly familiar love song.”

“Perfect balance between sci-fi, humor, and romance.”

“This was a surprisingly, visual, sweet, exciting page turner! A great read!”

“Loved it, loved it, loved it. I’m a major sucker, though, for a good love story. You had me emotionally involved from the get-go.”

“Beautiful love story draped in outrageous humor. Romantic comedy at its best.”

Here’s the link roundup:

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