January 15, 2015

A Year in Stories

2014 had come and gone in a flash of challenges, business, and unique experiences. Some good, some bad, many a humbling mixture of the two. As this blog is mostly about my writing, I thought I would list out my writing releases as a way to both catch you up on what I have been doing and as a way to reflect on my artistic life.

So here goes!


Protocol-X--Cover-FRONT--1c1--300Protocol X. Episode 3 of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story.
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Toxic Asset. Episode 2 of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story.
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“When Mister Grim Came Calling”  This is a previously published short story I posted on my website in honor of Halloween.
You can read it right now.


shambellurkers_returns_cover“The Path of the Faerie King” made it’s second appearance an a children’s book. This one is raising funds for kids with autism. This is the first story I wrote to get published so it is quite dear to me and I am happy to see it out there again, especially for a good cause.
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One-Horn-CoverOnly-266x400“Conner Bright and the Case of the Purple Unicorn”. This short story appeared in the anthology One Horn to Rule them All: A Purple Unicorn Anthology.  The story is a quirky contemporary mystery about a private detective hiding from his past and trying to keep his demons at bay while doing right by his young client. This anthology is headlined by the amazing Peter S. Beagle, with art by the awesome James Artimus Owen and is raising funds for the Superstars Writing Seminars scholarship program.
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“Death by Starlight” appeared in Every Day Fiction. This is a very short (600 words) experimental piece. In the acceptance email I got, the editor used the phrases “poetic imagery” and “vivid language” to describe it. I am very happy this story found a home.
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Lining them up like that, it sure looks like 2014 was a good year for getting stories out there. I would have liked to have done more, but that is the way of our passions isn’t it? We can never get enough.

Looking towards 2015

  • More superheroes. I written previously about this series. They are a delight to write (and hopefully to read) and I just can’t help myself. More, just around the corner.
  • A Ghost’s Memoir, Book 3. Back to the world of Shuffled Off with a novel told from Jesus’s point of view.
  • A short story collection. These stories fit well with the themes of Shuffled Off, Drawing the Dead, and To Be a Fool. There will be a fun new ghost story form that universe, but the rest of the stories explore the themes of life and death in many different ways.
  • There is a lot more in the pipeline and I’ll be getting out as quickly as I can.

Hope you have a wonderful 2015 lined up in front of you.

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