November 6, 2015

Life After Sale

Life-After-Cover-1e-feet-and-clouds-D2-FRONT-1a-300pxFor the next week (through Thursday, November 12th), the Life After ebook is on sale for $0.99 on!

Writing short stories is where I started with this crazy adventure. My first novel was an accident and in many ways the short form is my first love writing-wise. You get to experiment and take chances, you get to explore and learn, all of it without the risk of time and effort that goes with a novel.

These stories encompass the breadth of my writing and I’m quite proud of them. Here’s what some of my early readers have said:

“A wonderful short story–well written, nice character development and makes a significant point.”

“So simple, yet so poignant”

“This is another one of my favorites of yours. It brings tears to my eyes when I read it. It hits so close to home.”

“I thoroughly love your Shuffled Off stores. You have such a voice.”

“Really liked this one a lot. I like the crossover between Shuffled Off – super well done and made me appreciate and recall Shuffled Off.”

“Masterfully done… evocative… good story!”

“I love the concept, how they handle it, and the ending.”

“Your voice/character is overwhelmingly terrific.”

Go grab the ebook for $0.99
Read more about Life After
Read a sample of “Detecting Haley

Enjoy the Adventure!

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