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Valentine’s day is almost here. It’s a mixed bag for many, I get that, but I just LOVE love!

We humans seem to do better with a partner and I have been blessed with a fabulous one! My wife, Aleia, inspires me to be a better person, improves each and every day of my life, is the one person that I know is always there for me. She is my partner, and she is an amazing one. My life is with out a doubt better because of her. Challenges? Of course, but I couldn’t imagine walking down the road of life without her.

And she inspires me when it comes to writing. My ghost books are inspired by her work and her compassion. My superhero books are inspired by our love. No, these books aren’t a veiled account of our romance (we didn’t risk our lives to save the Earth from a meteor!), but they are inspired by the fact that I am in a beautiful long-term relationship. The idea of writing about superheroes was fun, but wasn’t enough to pull me into the project, but writing about two superheroes that are trying to save the world and are falling in love at the same time? Yeah, I’m up for that.

And we go way past the typical romance ending. That part is interesting to me. What happens after our couple first falls in love? How do they keep together through hard times, how do they keep falling in love over and over again? What does a love that spans decades look like?

So, I’ve put a couple of the Neutrinoman & Lightningirl: A Love Story books on sale for Valentine’s day. 50% off for signed paperbacks! If you are interested, your options are below.

In any case, if you’ve got a sweetie, keep them close for Valentine’s, let them know you love them, show them that you love them, LOVE the Love. If you don’t have a sweetie, then spend some time with someone you do love and make sure they know it. And remember to take in the love coming your way.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!!

P.S. As if on cue, Aleia asked me to read something to her last night (I read my stories and books to her first before they go anywhere). We were pretty caught up, so I grabbed “Off Book,” which is episode 4 of the superhero/love story series and something that won’t be out for a while. She got right back into the characters and the story and was laughing in all the right places. It was a good reminder of how much fun these books are. So yeah, I don’t know when, but there is more coming of superheroes falling in love and trying to save the world!

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