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Meteor Attack! 300The free Meteor Attack! promo is almost over (May 1-5). If you want to get it for free on Amazon, get over there now!

If you missed the promo, just sign up for my email newsletter and you can get the first copy for free (click the big green “Subscribe Now” button to the right).

And if you want to keep reading and get Toxic Asset for free, just write an honest review of Meteor Attack! on and fill out this form (more details here). You can keep doing this and read the entire series for free.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, it’s pretty simple. I love these stories and know some of you out there will too. I’m going to keep writing them for a while (the overall story is a long, wild, and epic adventure). I’m looking to form a team of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl fans that help get the word out about the series. Join the team. Join the adventure. After all, what could be better than our heroes “falling in love and saving the world”?

I have some other fun ideas once the team gets going (free ebooks is just the start). So, start reading, and stay tuned!


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