June 15, 2017

Day 15: Short Story Marathon


Started up on a new scifi story early, taking on the blank page again–that is, starting with nothing, not even an idea before getting to the computer. What popped out was an idea I had worked on a little last month. I got a bit over 1,000 words in and realized it wasn’t working, because I was bored. I think boredom in the writer is a blaring sign to STOP.

At lunch, started with a short phrase Aleia heard yesterday, an intriguing way to start a story. It’s a near-future scifi story written as a series of voice mails. Got most of it done at lunch, finished it up in the evening, and read it to Aleia. It’s called “Fake Jake” and is a nice, slim 1,500 words.

“A Unexpected Guest” has been renamed “Fitz’s Second Change” (still don’t know if that title will stick). I cleaned it up a tad and sent it to Dean. That’s 6 days on the streak!

Had a bit of extra time this evening, so started noodling with another scifi story, using some research I did that didn’t work for “Fake Jake”. No title yet and not on the list below, but did about 900 words on it.

Stats for Today

Strategies Employed: Real-world story prompt.

Lessons Learned: When your bored, it’s time to fix it or dump it.

Words Written: 3,700

Hours: 3.25

Stories Sent to Dean: 1

Story Summary

# Story Total Words Done?
1 Woody and June vs. the Fungus-Head Zombies 5101 Yes
2 Daisy’s Heart 5800 Yes
3 The Disappearing Neighborhood 2773 Yes
4 Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon 6070 Yes
5 Home in Time 4483 Yes
6 Wink, Plum, and the Bones that March 5972 Yes
7 The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes 2532 Yes
8 Android Eve and Adam 3512 Yes
9 A Long, Hard Fall 8475 Yes
10 Fitz’s Second Chance 2800 Yes
11 Fake Jake 1513 No

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