Day 16: Short Story Marathon


Back to the scifi story I started last night, this one has a good, solid title: “With Light Years Between Us.” Made some progress early, but something wasn’t right. Realized I was writing too distant and was not including my protagonist’s complicated emotions. This uses a scifi concept to put into relief some very human stuff, so emotions are important. Went back and put that in and it started feeling right. Hit the end this evening and read it to Aleia. I think I want to try tweak the end, but it’s almost there.

Sent “Fake Jake” to Dean. 7 in the last 7 days. Which is amazing. I didn’t think this kind of pace was even possible when I started.

Stats for Today

Strategies Employed: Used some research that didn’t work for an early story.

Lessons Learned: The emotions of the point of view character need to be clear. Writing gets to be in the heads of your characters, so go deep.

Words Written: 3,400

Hours: 3.6

Stories Sent to Dean: 1

Story Summary

# Story Total Words Done?
1 Woody and June vs. the Fungus-Head Zombies 5101 Yes
2 Daisy’s Heart 5800 Yes
3 The Disappearing Neighborhood 2773 Yes
4 Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon 6070 Yes
5 Home in Time 4483 Yes
6 Wink, Plum, and the Bones that March 5972 Yes
7 The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes 2532 Yes
8 Android Eve and Adam 3512 Yes
9 A Long, Hard Fall 8475 Yes
10 Fitz’s Second Chance 2800 Yes
11 Fake Jake 1565 Yes
12 With the Light Years Between Us 4410 No

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