June 17, 2017

Day 17: Short Story Marathon


Back to staring at the blank page this morning. I’ve done it many, many times now but it’s always intimidating–and I think that’s okay. The trick is to just find something, anything and start, reduce infinity down to something measurable. and go from there.

This new story is contemporary with a dollop of fantasy, 2,300 words long called “Life and a Starling.” I read it to Aleia and she really liked this one. Happy to be getting into the groove a bit more with these shorter stories.

Ended up changing the end of “With the Light Years Between Us” a touch and filling in some lacking descriptions. Sent it of to Dean which it makes it 8 in the last 8 days.

Since tomorrow is Father’s Day and there is a lot going on, I knocked off work early and started a second story. The streak is like a magnet, I want to keep it going, and thinking that completing this writing marathon faster than I planned might be a really good thing. These days are sure long.

So, the second one is in the “In Time” series, thinking I was starting on the story that connects with “Home in Time.” Didn’t quite turn out that way. This one jumps back two in the chain. Opening has great voice, very different, but the story takes place in 1946. Which, you guessed it, means research and that slows things down. I’m 1,800 words in and about half done (and mostly done with the research). Story has a firm title, “Jump in Time” which is what got the story rolling in the first place, and prompted the setting back in 1946. Having fun with it, though. I love it when a very different voice just seems to leap out. Also, knowing the series a bit better now, the other two stories will need a minor tweak.

Stats for Today

Strategies Employed: Taking on the blank page. Writing in a series.

Lessons Learned: A streak can pull you along when otherwise you might take a break.

Words Written: 4,700

Hours: 5.5

Stories Sent to Dean: 1

Story Summary

# Story Total Words Done?
1 Woody and June vs. the Fungus-Head Zombies 5101 Yes
2 Daisy’s Heart 5800 Yes
3 The Disappearing Neighborhood 2773 Yes
4 Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon 6070 Yes
5 Home in Time 4483 Yes
6 Wink, Plum, and the Bones that March 5972 Yes
7 The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes 2532 Yes
8 Android Eve and Adam 3512 Yes
9 A Long, Hard Fall 8475 Yes
10 Fitz’s Second Chance 2800 Yes
11 Fake Jake 1565 Yes
12 With Light Years Between Us 4670 Yes
13 Life and a Starling 2274 No
14 Jump in Time 1792 No

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  1. Go Streak Go!!!! Quite Amazing!! In addition to being surprised by the voices/stories as they emerge, it seems like you are surprising yourself in terms of what is possible for you as a writer, no??

    1. Thank you, Eliot! Yes, this is all a surprise, actually. The stories, the process (the easy parts and the hard parts). Glad to be on this adventure!

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