Day 3: Short Story Marathon


Found the end of the second story (scfi with an android), cleaned it up, and it’s ready to read to Aleia.

Cleaned up story 1 (Woody and June vs the Fungus-Head Zombies) and read it to Aleia–she’s liking these and zombies aren’t her thing, so that’s a good sign. The fixing of the plot gave me details of the next installment of this one, which I started (tentative title, Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon)

I am very happy with these two stories, and am writing faster than I planned, but they are a lot longer than planned. Whoops. Will have to try for a short one soon, but I can’t resist Woody and June right now, so story 3 will probably be longer than my target too. But, hey, I’m having fun!

Stats for Today

Strategies Employed: Reading stories aloud is so helpful. I find sooooo much that I don’t see when reading them.

Lessons Learned: A story wants what it wants and it will be its length, not mine.

Words Written: 4.500

Hours: 5.7

Stories Sent to Dean: 0

Story Summary

# Story Total Words Done?
1 Woody and June vs the Fungus-Head Zombies 5100 No
2 Unnamed scifi android story 5800 No
3 Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon 1200 No

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