June 9, 2017

Day 9: Short Story Marathon


Busy day and away from my computer for most of it. First meetings and then a summer picnic with the company I work for.

Up early, the early sunrise waking me up earlier than normal which is not fun but good for this challenge, and back to “Wink, Plum, and the Bones that March.” Worked on it more in the evening and added 2,800 words and found the end. This one flowed and was so much fun to write, but it’s around 5,600 words and, once again, too long.

This fantasy story is directly inspired by the Tiffany Aching books by Terry Prachett (they are awesome) and that was the fuel I was burning on this one.

Not sure how to gear down to shorter stories. I’m thinking of trying to write some flash fiction (1,000 words or less) and maybe, just maybe, that will keep the count down, even if I go over 1,000 words.

Read “Home in Time” to Aleia. It needs one tweak and I’ll send it of to Dean tomorrow.

Stats for Today

Strategies Employed: Having fun!

Lessons Learned: Inspiration of other writes can be a powerful fuel.

Words Written: 2,800

Hours: 2.75

Stories Sent to Dean: 0

Story Summary

# Story Total Words Done?
1 Woody and June vs. the Fungus-Head Zombies 5101 Yes
2 Daisy’s Heart 5800 Yes
3 The Disappearing Neighborhood 2773 Yes
4 Woody and June vs. the Grand Canyon 6070 Yes
5 Home in Time 4448 No
6 Wink, Plum, and the Bones that March 5600 No

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