Seeing Forever is Almost Here

My next novel, Seeing Forever, is just over a month away (4/14/2018)! It explores some of the themes of my ghost books (love, loss, what makes a life worth living) but does this using science fiction. Paul Cruz is not a ghost, he’s a man who has transferred his consciousness into a computer.

It also breaks new ground, for me, exploring the philosophical and religious implications of a non-biological human consciousness, and some of the political difficulty that comes with that. It also explores what human relationships might be like while living in a more fluid way.

It’s a fun, fast read, and if early readers are any indication, you’ll have trouble putting it down.

The full description is below, but if this sounds like your kind of thing here’s what you can do right now:

There’s more coming too. If you want the latest, come join my facebook group.


Paul Cruz is no longer human. He’s a Singular, his consciousness technological, no longer biological. He was there at the beginning and helped ensure the survival of all the Singulars. Free from the limits of flesh and blood, he wanted to live forever, but now that he’s lost what he cares about the most, forever is too long, much too long.

After suspending himself for decades, he is about to enter a virtual world called “Home” to take one last look around. But Home is not what he expected and what he finds will change everything.

When is forever too long?

From Robert J. McCarter, author of Shuffled Off: A Ghost’s Memoir, comes an unforgettable sci-fi novel of life, loss, and love beyond the biological.

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