“The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes” is Out!

I got the email while I was on a work call. The Saturday Evening Post wanted to buy a story of mine called “The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes”. THE SATURDAY EVENING POST! This is the American magazine that was started in 1897, has featured famous illustrations by Norman Rockwell, and contained the best American writers like Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury, and John Steinbeck.

It was dizzying to say the least, and it was pretty much beside the point that they didn’t want the story for their print magazine, but for their online “New Fiction Friday” series.

The best part about it being online is that you can go read it. Right now!

How did this happen you might ask? Well, last year during my Short Story Marathon. I wrote some contemporary stories (i.e. not science fiction or fantasy). Dean Wesley Smith, who I did this crazy challenge with, said to send it to a “mainstream market,” so I figured I might as well aim high. (Don’t be fooled, that laissez faire attitude took years and hundreds of rejections to get to). I just figured, why not? So I sent it in for inclusion in the print magazine and five months later that email hits my inbox and I am having a hell of a time concentrating on that meeting.

The story is about a middle aged woman going through some very difficult times when she notices something special about Hoshi, the Korean woman that does her nails. That image above is a picture of the Milky Way. It’s part of the story, so take a good look at it and go read “The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes” over on the Saturday Evening Post website!

Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think about the story.

And for those of you keeping track at home, that’s two short stories coming out in two days! This is turning out to be a very good week for short stories.

3 thoughts on ““The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes” is Out!”

  1. You managed to write a nice and sweet story on a theme that’s not really nice and sweet, well done. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it!


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