July 21, 2018

Saturday Stories: A Brief Introduction

I write a lot of short stories (I’ll be hitting 100 finished short stories and novelettes later this year) and I am looking for a way to both get them out and share them with all of you. So I’m going to post some of them here, on this website, for free.

This whole free thing is a “thank you” to all of you that follow along here or on facebook or twitter.

I’m coming out with my second short story collection: Anomalous Readings: Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales on July 27, 2018 and to celebrate I will be releasing three of the stories in their entirety, right here.

You might be wondering what the catch is, because writers need to get paid, right? Well there isn’t really a catch, but there are details:

  • Each story will be complete on the site for one week only. After that it will be replaced by an excerpt. This is about thanking you all for following along, so you have to, you know, follow along.
  • Each story will be available for purchase somehow and somewhere. That’s the “writers need to get paid part” for those of you that enjoy the stories and want more.
  • I want to do this monthly, but for now this will be a limited run of three months and three stories in support of Anomalous Readings. What if you love this and want it continue? Well, spread the word. If this goes well, I will turn it into a monthly feature.

Okay, so that’s the scoop. Stories will be announced in my email newsletter (you are signed up for that, aren’t you?), on facebook and twitter.

The first one, Connor Bright and the Case of the Purple Unicorn, will be here next Saturday!

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