Saturday Stories: The Free Story Roundup

New to this whole Saturday Story thing I’m doing? The short version is: Each story is available in full for one week only. All the details are on my blog over here.

If your enjoying the limited run of this feature, please spread the word.

If you are in the US, this is Thanksgiving weekend and I imagine you are spending time with family and enjoying some tasty leftovers. And even if you are not in the US, I hope you are taking time to nourish yourself in this crazy world with friends, family, and good food (and, yes, I know there is a ton of shopping going one, but don’t forget the friends and food).

In any case, I’ve decided to take a short break from posting full stories here, but instead have compiled a brief roundup of where you can go read (or listen to) my stories for free online.

The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes, is featured on the Saturday Evening Post’s Fiction Friday

When Mister Grim Came Calling, in up on my website, right here.

Death by Starlight, you can read this story at Every Day Fiction or listen to it at StarShipSofa

Last Flight of the Acurus, is also featured in the same StarShipSofa podcast.

So enjoy, everyone. I’ll be back in December with a full story (for a limited time of course). If you are enjoying this, do me a favor and spread the word to folks you think would enjoy these stories.

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