Camp Activities Specialist Bulletin #1

Star Date: January 26, 2019

Greetings Readers! I’m here to let you know that Robert has completed the first Campfire Tale, and what a story it is! It’s on the way to market now, and I’ll keep you updated as to when and where you will be able to read it. The title is “The Pearce Shoot Out. Suffice to say it’s a western with a bit of a sci-fi twist. Robert did a lot of research into the gunslinging wild west culture of the late 19th century in the Arizona Territories and it really pays off in this tale. He also watched the movie, High Noon, to get some insight into the ways of those old west revenge stories.

One of the characters in this story is Gayle, named after a dear friend we lost to kidney failure in 2015. As mentioned in my introductory Campfire Tales notes, the winner, Jim selected the name, genre and setting for Robert to write the story. Gayle was Jim’s wife, best friend, and travel companion. Together, they used to take their dogs on road trips around the southwest. They explored abandoned mines, ghost towns, archeological ruins, defunct railroad tracks, and dusty rutted roads. They camped and hiked in vast quiet deserts, hidden valleys, hoodoos, and on high mountains. Gayle had an adventurous spirit and didn’t balk at riding those rough, untraveled roads or the occasional encounter with wild animals like cows (inside joke that one). She was strong and feisty, and she navigated her medical challenges like she did the road; with good humor and trust. She was a dedicated mother, a good friend and sister, and a great dog mom.

We all miss Gayle so much. She was a thoughtful gift giver and it was with high excitement that she presented Robert with the small Edgar Allan Poe figure he travels with from time to time. She thought he should be “at least as famous as Edgar, maybe not as crazy.” He was deeply touched by that gift and even today, Edgar watches over him as he writes. Robert wrote “The Pearce Shoot Out in her memory and honor. In developing the character, Gayle, he tried to capture a little bit of her tenacity, integrity, and that soaring spirit. I’m sure that anyone who knew our friend, Gayle, will enjoy this tale.

Edgar posing on an antique register in Old West museum in Utah

We’re also excited to start the next Campfire Tale cycle and that’s where you come in! Newsletter subscribers are now invited to click on over to Survey Monkey where you can offer your campfire cues. It will take less than a minute unless you must REALLY ponder your choices. There are three questions to answer as follows:

  1. Choosing the genre (action/adventure; mystery; romance; sci-fi)
  2. Choosing the protagonist (male, female, transgender, zombie, ghost, etc.)
  3. Choose one word to be used in the story

For questions 1 and 2 the majority of votes will be used to frame the next Campfire Tale. For question 3, it’s author’s choice! The Survey Monkey will be open until February 9th so visit soon and pitch your ideas.

If you are not a newsletter subscriber, go sign up now and get in on the fun!

As always, if you have a question or comment, please leave it below. Happy Reading.

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