May 25, 2019

Camp Activities Specialist Bulletin #5

Star Date: May 25, 2019

Greetings Readers! Since our last update, camp life has become unbelievably busy. We had been thinking that Olivia needed a four-pawed canine friend to help her feel more comfortable. She truly is a pack animal and she had been a bit of a sad sack over not being with her littermate, Sky, and other friends next door. So, I asked the universe for a male spaniel. The universe delivered not one, but two options. Yes, two golden-colored male spaniels made their appearance to my inbox within two weeks of each other. Both were elders; one was not neutered which presented some challenges for Olivia ☹.

On April 23rd we took in the neutered male, Teddy. At first glance the vet who tended to Teddy thought he was about 2 years old. With some research, the shelter determined he is about 8 years old. We know that rescue pets take time and patience, but they are so grateful and loving when they settle in. Because of his former life, he’s much like an 8-year-old puppy. He’s still learning the basics of “how to use a doggie door,” “how to play with toys,” and that it is safe to eat inside. 

Teddy has a host of medical issues that have made for many trips to the vet, special food, and meds. Busy times. As for Teddy and Olivia, this is a May/December relationship for sure. It took three weeks before he felt well enough to play with her. He’s still stand offish with her because, well, she’s a PUPPY! He is super affectionate with people, (especially with our author) and we are glad to call him family now.

All that going on leaves little time for me to write, but our author is busy as a bee! “Campfire Tales” is an ongoing project where Robert writes short stories based on your cues and suggestions. Once he has several stories, he will turn them into an anthology. The current survey invites you to select from a list of big and small events and suggest some words to be woven into the tale. If you want to be part of the fun, click on over to the Survey Monkey.

For my part, in addition to serving as the Camp Activities Specialist, I am also the Post-Zombie Apocalypse Reporter and President of the Woody and June Fan Club. Join the club; it’s free and fun. If you do, you’ll get the first two episodes of the Woody and June series FREE.

As for our Camp Activities! Here’s the update:

  1. Campfire Tale #1, “The Pearce Shootout”. . . looks like it has found a home! No contract yet so more details down the line a bit.
  2. Campfire Tale #2, “The Mystery at Molas Pass” is being released June 29th and you can read it for free if you are subscribed to Robert’s Newsletter!
  3. Campfire Tale #3 is a bit of a story in itself. Robert has tried to write a short story with your cues, but he ended up on a detour. The good news is that your prompts are inspiring him to write longer tales in new worlds. The Blood of Carterville is a stunning novella that is out to market right now and getting some great feedback. He’s also working on a new Walter Anchor Ghost Detective Story, which is also looking like it’s going to be a long one, so he’s going to try again for a short story using that awesome word, “spaciotemporal”! Please keep those prompts coming.
  4. The Survey Monkey to offer your Campfire Cues for Tale #4 will close on June 9th
  5. If you have not done so yet, please visit Robert’s new Author Page!

As always, if you have a question or comment, please leave it below. Happy Reading.

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