June 29, 2019

Camp Activities Specialist Bulletin #6

Star Date: June 29, 2019

Hello Readers,

It’s finally Summer here in Flagstaff and we are a bunch of happy campers now! It rained and snowed several times during the month of May, so we have an abundance of wildflowers blooming and my garden is full of little stone people, colorful perennial pansies (who knew such a thing existed), dianthus, snap dragons, daisies, and herbs. Early morning will usually find our author typing away at a new story and me tending to the garden while Olivia and Teddy watch from the deck.

Speaking of the pups, after eight weeks together, they have found their stride in relationship. They play together beautifully with lots of friendly grrrrr noises, sparing, and boxing. They sometimes sleep nose to nose. Olivia routinely brings toys to Teddy and asks him to play tug. At eight months old, she is still so puppy; a little wild, but so affectionate, loving, and sweet. She never gave up her effort to show Teddy that she can be a good playmate. In recent weeks, he taught her how to play gently (so as not to scare him) and she taught him how to play with toys. He is now healthy and feeling more confident as a family member. He is my little Teddy Bear and I’m composing several dog songs for both him and Olivia. We feel so grateful to have both canines in our home and our lives; they make us better people. They help us to smile, rest, compose songs, laugh and take breaks from working too much or too hard. They are expressions of love.

And speaking of LOVE, Robert is loving the Campfire Tales project! If you are new to this idea, Campfire Tales is an ongoing project where Robert writes short stories based on your cues and suggestions. Once he has several stories, he will turn them into an anthology. In a recent attempt to use your cues, our author tried to write a short story and ended up on a detour. The good news is that your prompts have inspired him to write longer tales in new worlds. The Blood of Carterville is a stunning novella that is out to market. The current survey details are noted below.

As for our Camp Activities! Here’s the update:

  1. Campfire Tale #2, The Mystery at Molas Pass is being released on 6/20/2019 and newsletter subscribers can read it for free! If you are not a subscriber, you can grab the free ebook and sign up in one step, right now.
  2. Campfire Tale #3 is entitled A Hollywood Kind of Murder and is almost done. This is a genre mashup (Sci/Fi Fantasy and Mystery) along with words you suggested including eyebrow, beryllium, and bassackwards. This Walter Anchor mystery is a part of a series that will be released as a collection later this year.
  3. Campfire Tale #4 is underway using your cues from the last survey. According to your cues, the “Big Event” will be a murder and the “Small Event” will be a kiss! Some of the interesting words you recommended: pufferfish, Einstein, cinnamon, and hypoxia
  4. Click on over to the Survey Monkey to offer your Campfire Cues for Tale #5. This survey will close on August 9th and asks you to choose:
    1. a setting for story
    2. the antagonist
    3. a single verb of your choice.

For my part, in addition to serving as the Camp Activities Specialist, I am also the Post-Zombie Apocalypse Reporter and President of the Woody and June Fan Club. Join the club; it’s free and fun. If you do, you’ll get the first episode of the Woody and June series FREE. If you have not done so yet, please visit Robert’s new Author Page! As always, if you have a question or comment, please leave it below. Happy Reading.

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