The Mystery at Molas Pass

It’s release day! A very special one at that. Our first release of a Campfire Tale is “The Mystery at Molas Pass.”

Aleia did a lovely roundup of were we are with Campfire Tales this morning, but I wanted to just highlight the release.

As with all Campfire Tales, the story is free to newsletter subscribers (and exclusive to them for a while). If you are one, look in your inbox, the email went out this morning with a direct link. Or hop over here and enter your email to get the book (and to get put on my email list if you are not already).

This story is free for a limited time, so go grab it now.


Here’s the blurb:

Benjamin Katz does not think much of his superpowers. In an age where the powerful quantum metamorphs battle an alien threat, he can only transform into a diminutive superhero knows as The Boy. 

But when he stops at Molas Pass in the mountains of Colorado and witnesses people disappearing, he gets drawn into a mystery and a conflict that feels much bigger than anything he can handle. He must set aside his doubts and learn to believe in himself to face down a powerful force and solve the Mystery at Molas Pass.

From the author of Neutrinoman & Lightningirl: A Love Story, comes a tale of a small hero with a huge heart.

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