Woody and June Update!

Post-Zombie Apocalypse Reporter, Aleia O here.

Teddy and Olivia

Happy Summer Everyone! Thanks to the long snowy winter in Flagstaff, the wildflowers are blooming in abundance. Olivia has been enjoying the summer life with her new friend, Teddy. He’s been with us for eight weeks. He’s an older gentleman; a sweet and affectionate cocker spaniel rescue. He’s sometimes a bit overwhelmed by Olivia’s ardor but they are very fond of each other. 

During the summertime out west, there is often smoke in the air from the wildfires that seem inevitable and more rampant with each passing year. We remain vigilant about fire watch, clearing pine needles from around our home and staying tuned for fire news. The smoke-filled air is evocative of apocalyptic times. Which brings me to Woody and June!

In the first several episodes our heroes have faced various challenges from Flagstaff to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The story is exciting and truly a travelogue that details some of the wild and wonderful places in northern Arizona. The plot really thickens in Episode #4, Woody and June Versus the Ex (available from Amazon.comBarnes & NobleKobo, and others). Their daring escape from a zombie tourist horde at The Grand Canyon led to their being captured and taken to a compound at Phantom Ranch where they encounter a dangerous and dreaded “ex” lover who is one-part soldier and two-parts crazy!

On July 10th we will release Episode #5 Woody and June Versus the Third Wheel, where we learn that for too many reasons to count, our heroes really need to escape from “The Ranch.” Of course, from the bottom of the Canyon the only way out is up! During Woody and June’s treacherous climb up the North Kaibab Trail from the Phantom Ranch they realize that they’re being followed. Somewhere near the Supai Tunnel our heroes lay a trap for and apprehend their stalker, who then becomes their extremely untrustworthy third wheel. 

For a sneak peek behind our author’s process, I thought you might like to know about the part he calls “research.” I feel very lucky to participate in research because it includes traveling to wonderful places. For instance, Robert had already written the entire Woody and June series, but he wanted to confirm an important detail in Episode #5 about the Supai Tunnel. We had planned to visit Grand Canyon North Rim in celebration of our 25th anniversary last August, so it made sense to include a sunrise hike down the North Kaibab trail to the Supai Tunnel. Here’s a video of Robert introducing the scene and a photo of our anniversary celebration the day after the hike, and some of the fun Woody and June covers.

Supia Tunnel

You will be able to grab Episode #5 on July 10th and as a reminder, for Fan Club members Episode #4 Woody and June Versus the Ex is available for just $0.99 (until July 10th) at Amazon.comBarnes & NobleKobo, and others. And we’ve extended the $0.99 sale on Woody and June versus the Grand Canyon, just in case you haven’t had a chance to grab it yet. It is available from Amazon.comBarnes & NobleKobo, and others.

Episodes #1 and #2 are available for $2.99. Friends can still join the Fan Club and receive the first two episodes FREE. If you are enjoying the story, please share the word with your friends, and/or write a review.

If you are not already a member of the Woody and June Fan Club, you are now cordially invited to join! It’s my joy to act as the Post-Apocalyptic Reporter, offering regular updates about how the apocalypse is going and snippets about Woody and June’s adventures. To sweeten the deal, Fan Club members receive FOR FREE, the first two episodes. You’ll get other free stuff like digital wallpaper and Zombie Arizona post cards. There’s also behind-the-scenes glimpses of all things Woody and June.

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