For A Horse Named Corwin

Long ago, in another life time (or at least it feels that way), I lived on an 80-acre ranch outside of Globe, Arizona and had a white horse named Snoopy. For years, I rode this horse nearly every day. Often to herd our two milk cows in and at other times to explore the landscape of our hilly desert home. And whether I rode him or not, I cared for him. My horse. My friend. My responsibility.

Snoopy found a new home before high school was over and I left Globe and moved into this technology-oriented life.

But I never forgot what it was like to ride a horse and to care for it and to love it. The textures and the smells. The feelings.

For a Horse Named Corwin draws on that other lifetime of mine. It originally appeared in Anomalous Readings: Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales last year, but because I love the story so much, I’ve split it out into its own little book.

My quick description of it is “A gritty sci-fi western with a talking horse (no, not Mr. Ed, a sci-fi talking horse). ” The full blurb is below.

If it sounds like your thing, it’s on sale right now for $0.99 or grab it and twelve other stories of mine for $3.99 in Anomalous Readings: Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales

Centuries ago when the Ancestors settled on the desert planet of Valdrin, they imposed a technology quarantine. No electricity. No genetic modifications. No exceptions.

Evan Wilcox snuck back home with his genetically modified horse, homesick after roaming the galaxy, longing for the simple life.

But when the once-in-a-generation purge begins, the Ancestors deploy their considerable resources to capture Corwin. What will Evan Wilcox do for his best friend, for a horse named Corwin?

A gritty sci-fi/western about a man and his horse from the unique imagination of Robert J. McCarter.

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