August 31, 2019

Camp Activities Specialist Bulletin #8

Star Date: August 31, 2019

Hello Readers,

On a bit of a serious note, on July 21st a wildfire broke out in Flagstaff that threatened several neighborhoods. Our home was not in immediate danger, but we have friends whose homes were right on the line. The “Ready, Set, Go” details were shared widely on social media and stories of neighbors offering transportation, food and shelter for animals and people were uplifting even as the fire burned dangerously hot and fast. Fire crews worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe and for that we are so very grateful. We are also grateful to you readers who offered kind thoughts and support during that time. Now there are several communities in east Flagstaff standing by and sandbagged up for a possible catastrophic flood. Homes and businesses have been preparing in case the rains come heavily down the scar that was left by this fire. Please keep those kind thoughts in place for our mountain home.

Here’s this month’s update on Campfire Tales. First and foremost, this project now has its own landing page where you can learn about the history of this project and see how your Campfire Cues have inspired our author to write short stories, novelettes and more. Here’s short version Campfire Tales update:

  1. Campfire Tale #2, The Mystery at Molas Pass is available now. You can  grab it for free and sign up for Robert’s monthly newsletter in one step! {Please note that we don’t share your info with anyone, anywhere.}
  2. Campfire Tale #3 is entitled A Hollywood Kind of Murder. This Walter Anchor mystery is a part of a series that will be released as a collection later this year.
  3. Campfire Tale #4 is entitled Chupacabra, a Conner Bright Mystery is complete and off to market.
  4. Tale #5 is being written now. It will feature a shapeshifter on a space station and incorporate words such as procrastinate, materialize, and flummox. Should be a fun story; thank you for helping Robert to create it!
  5. You can leave your Campfire Cues for Tale #6 at the Survey Monkey until October 9, 2019. Get in on the fun and challenge Robert to write a new story using cues from the following:
    1. a guest star from one of Robert’s fiction worlds (Woody Beckman from Woody and June versus the Apocalypse; Nik Nichols from Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story; or JJ Lynch from Shuffled Off)
    1. a story element (a surprising twist; a mystery to solve; or a laugh out loud moment)
    1. a single word of your choice

In other news, I am also the Post-Zombie Apocalypse Reporter and President of the  Woody and June Fan Club. Join the club; it’s free and fun. If you do, you’ll get the first two episodes of the Woody and June series FREE. If you have not done so yet, please visit Robert’s new Author Page! As always, if you have a question or comment, please leave it below.

Happy Reading.

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