September 14, 2019

Everything you need to know about A Boy, a Girl, and a Ghost

Lots more details below, but here are the highlights:

  • A Boy, a Girl, and a Ghost is available to pre-order on Amazon for only $2.99 (it goes up to $5.99 shortly after release)
  • I think this is my best book yet, and am excited for you all to read it.
  • We are planning a $0.99 sale in November (but don’t you want to read it ASAP?)
  • To celebrate the release, we are giving away 100 Kindle copies over on GoodReads and five signed paperbacks

A Bit About the Book

When I was talking to beta readers about the book, I called it by “everything bagel” book, because it packs a lot of different elements. It is:

  • A YA (young adult) book
  • A coming of age story
  • A love story
  • A ghost story
  • A murder mystery
  • A cancer kid story

The story takes place in 1977 in Cedar City, Utah. Even though it’s in the same world as Shuffled Off and Drawing the Dead, the book is stand-alone (kind of has to be since it’s 1977).

The Blurb

A Novel of… Love, Life, & Family

A Boy. Sixteen-year-old Aaron Wade. With his “second strike” with leukemia in remission and his health restored, the summer of 1977 feels like a turning point… until he starts to see a ghost in the Cedar City, Utah graveyard.

A Girl. Seventeen-year-old Helena Monfort. She grew up too early, the tough girl with a bad reputation that just needs a friend.

A Ghost: Lionel Malak. A simple man, he doesn’t understand why someone would murder him, but longs for justice so his spirit can rest.

After Helena escapes a date gone bad, a boy, a girl, and a ghost meet in the Cedar City graveyard under the stars. A chance meeting turns into a friendship, a murder investigation, and an exploration of life, death, friendship, and family you will never forget.
From the creative mind of Robert J. McCarter, author of Shuffled Off, comes a novel of love, life, and family (with a ghost).

The Release Plan

The book comes out on 10/11/2019, but you can pre-order on Amazon for only $2.99 right now.

Since you all are following along, here’s details on the release plan so you can get a great deal now or hold out for an even better dealL

Note: This is Amazon exclusive for now. If you don’t buy ebooks on Amazon, reach out to me before the release date and we’ll work something out.

What Early Readers Are Saying

“A wonderful coming of age story…”

“It was a rollercoaster of emotions through the whole thing…”

“The characters will quickly find their way into your heart and stay there…”

“A book that makes you fall in love with every character–their strengths, weaknesses, their stories, their ‘skeletons in the closet,’ their humanity.”

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