Camp Activities Specialist Bulletin #9

Star Date: September 28, 2019

Happy Fall Campers!

The late Summer sunshine has gently given way to cooler temps and a riot of yellow flowers here in Flagstaff. We’re trading in short sleeves for those warm sweaters now that there’s a chill in the air. I think there’s nothing quite like reading a good Campfire Tale alongside a steaming mug of hot apple cider or a spiced rum toddy.

As usual, our author has been busy as a squirrel preparing for winter. He’s got several new stories, an omnibus, and a novel coming out in October! A Boy, A Girl and A Ghost is one of the most touching, humorous and thought-provoking stories I’ve ever read. Robert calls this an “everything” novel; sort of like the everything bagel in book form. It’s a YA (young adult) story, but grownups will be impressed with it too, especially grownups who have kids; or have kids who have had cancer. It’s a ghost story. It’s a mystery. It’s a love story. It’s a story about family and transformation. Truly fantastic!  

Let’s get down to the monthly update on Campfire Tales. First and foremost, this project now has its own landing page where you can learn about the history of this project and see how your Campfire Cues have inspired our author to write short stories, novelettes and more. Here’s the short version Campfire Tales update:

  1. Campfire Tale #2The Mystery at Molas Pass is available now. You can  grab it for free and sign up for Robert’s monthly newsletter in one step! {Please note that we don’t share your info with anyone, anywhere.}
  2. Campfire Tale #4 is entitled Chupacabra: A Conner Bright Mystery. It is complete and is off to the proofreader. You’ll be able to read it soon!
  3. Campfire Tale #5 is written and is entitled Stationary Objects and includes words like dancing, materializing, and flummox. It features a shapeshifter on a space station.
  4. Campfire Tale #6 will include a special guest star appearance by one of these characters: Woody Beckman (from the Woody and June Versus the Zombie Apocalypse series); Nik Nichols from Neutrinoman and Lightningirl; or JJ Lynch from Shuffled Off). You can still vote on this tale’s guest star up until October 11th!
  5. The same day that the Tale #6 Survey closes, another will open for Tale #7. It’s going to be fun, you will get to pick the era and location. Watch Robert’s Facebook page or twitter feed, he’ll post in both places as soon as it’s available.

If you have not done so yet, please visit Robert’s new Facebook Author Page! As always, if you have a question or comment, please leave it below.

Happy Reading!

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