Camp Activities Specialist Bulletin #10

Star Date: October 26, 2019

Hello Campers!

I just love the month of October! Mostly it’s because October is our author’s birth month. We always try to take time out to celebrate birthdays in a special way, like traveling to beautiful places, hiking, and enjoying some favorite foods. This year for Robert, the favorite food was homemade gf/vegan mac ‘n cheese and coconut birthday cake for dessert. We didn’t need to travel too far to catch some of the beauty of the aspens showing off their Fall colors. Olivia and Teddy enjoyed the birthday too.

We have had much to celebrate in October with the release of several new stories, the Woody and June Versus the Apocalypse omnibus, and the stunning new novel, A Boy, A Girl and A Ghost. This Y.A. (young adult) story also appeals to grownups. It’s a ghost story. It’s a mystery. It’s a love story. It’s a story about the challenges of being a kid and having cancer. A story of family secrets and transformation. It’s being well-received by our author’s readers and I think it makes a great holiday gift for a person of any age.  

Here is the monthly update on Campfire Tales. You can visit the landing page to learn about the history of this project and see how your Campfire Cues have inspired our author to write short stories, novelettes and more. Here’s the short-version Campfire Tales update:

  1. Campfire Tale #2, The Mystery at Molas Pass is available now. You can grab it for free if you sign up for Robert’s monthly newsletter! {Please note that we don’t share your info with anyone, anywhere.}
  2. Campfire Tale #4, entitled Chupacabra, a Conner Bright Mystery, is complete and also free when you sign up for the newsletter.
  3. Campfire Tale #5 is entitled Stationary Objects and includes words like dancing, materializing, and flummox. It features a shapeshifter on a space station. We’ll get this story moving just as soon has Robert has a chance to read it to me.
  4. Campfire Tale #6 will include a special guest star appearance by Woody Beckman.
  5. For Campfire Tale #7, the Survey Monkey is open until November 9th. This time you will choose:
    1. An era for the story: 1890, 1965 or 2065
    2. The story location:  Sussex, England; San Francisco, CA; or Paris, France
    3. A single word of your choice

Woody and June fans, if you have not already done so, you can grab the omnibus edition here!

If you have not done so yet, please visit Robert’s new Facebook Author Page! As always, if you have a question or comment, please leave it below.

Happy Reading!

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