Saving the World

I don’t know about you, but it looks like the world could use a bit of saving these days. Just a brief dip into the news and it’s hard not to think that.

As a mild mannered citizen of this planet, I feel fairly helpless to do anything about it on a large scale. I mean, I do my part, I do the things I can that I think make a difference, that I think matter. But as a writer… well, there I can at least imagine something different. The good guys winning. Epic adventures. Disaster averted.

That pretending can be pretty important. On a bunch of levels:

  • The escape a good book can provide.
  • The experience of hope a good narrative can take you through.
  • As humans we learn through storytelling, it’s important stuff.
  • The ideas and thoughts it can generate.

This might seem like a strange way to introduce this bundle of very entertaining books, but there is a reason entertainment takes off during tough times. We all need to escape. We all need hope. As a writer, I find myself playing more on the “fun” side of my writing and as a reader I’m doing the same thing.

Fun. Escape. Adventure. Hope. The inner child wants to play, wants to know that everything will be okay. Right?

If you need an escape, the Saving the World story bundle might just be for you. It features the start of my superhero / love story series, Meteor Attack!

It’s a great deal (with some minor limits, you get to name your price) and some of the money goes to charity. It features some of my favorite authors and might just be what we all need right now. Check it out now, this offer is only available for a few weeks.

Interested in finding out more?

So join us. Have fun. Escape. Experience the world being saved at

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