Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, Volume 1

While I’ve been releasing the Woody and June stories as episodes, short fun reads that take about an hour, I always intended those episodes to come together to form a larger story.

And here it is. Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, Volume 1. All seven episodes, one fun story, one crazy romp through post-apocalypse Arizona.

The ebook is on sale for $3.99 right now (it will go up to $5.99 in a few weeks). The print edition will be available in the next day or so. You can get it on Amazon.comBarnes & NobleKobo, and others

The blurb is below, but if you’d like to get ebooks of the first two episodes for free, join the fun over at the Woody and June Fan Club (no obligation, unsubscribe at any time).

Love and the Apocalypse

When Woody Beckman meets June Medina, neither expects the adventures that will follow. Dedicated go-it-alone survivors, they’ve learned not to trust anyone in post-zombie-apocalypse Arizona.

But when regular-guy Woody must save tough-as-nails June, they realize that to survive they must learn to trust each other.

As the pair deals with everything from zombies to psychotic, petty, wannabe warlords to the harsh Arizona deserts, they start to realize that they might just prefer facing this crazy world together.

A story of adventure and love and taking things (even the apocalypse) in stride.

Episodes 1 – 7

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