Chupacabra: A Conner Bright Mystery Story

I’ve got a new story is out. This one is, technically, a short novella at about 80 pages long. I wrote it as part of my Campfire Tales program. It’s where you guys fill out surveys to help me write my next story and then get to read them, as long as you are a subscriber to my newsletter. (Yup, I’m trying to bribe you, but it’s a good bribe 😊)

If you are a newsletter subscriber, the link to the story was in the October newsletter. If not, you can sign up and start reading it today.

Here’s the blurb. Conner Bright is a great character, I hope you all enjoy the story!

This case just might kill him…

To hide from his past, Phoenix private detective Conner Bright looks and acts like Crocodile Dundee. His latest murder case involves a man found in the desert with a look of terror on his face, his blood drained, and fang marks in his thigh.

A couple of the deputies blame the murder on the legendary chupacabra, a lizard-like monster that sucks the blood out of its victims.

Conner knows better, but this case will make him confront his past and do everything he can to avoid becoming the next victim of the chupacabra.

A page turning mystery by the author of the Walter Anchor Ghost Detective series.

Here’s the cover. These Campfire Tales get a generic cover. If I release it for sale we’ll do something different.

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