December 20, 2019

A Grave Kind of Love, Part 2

I am very lucky to be part of WMG’s Holiday Spectacular 2019. This is a story-a-day subscription for the holiday season. Romantic stories, suspenseful stories, and stories that celebrate all kinds of winter holidays.

My story, “A Grave Kind of Love,” is a sweet Christmas romance… that takes place (in part) in a graveyard… with ghosts!

Yes, this is the Tucson graveyard of Shuffled Off and all the “A Ghost’s Memoir” books. JJ, Jesus, and Lela are event mentioned in it, but this is a story with two new ghosts.

This story went out to subscribers on 12/10, but this time of year is just nuts-o-rama with the day job, so it’s taken me a bit to blog about it. I wrote about this story-a-day thing in October when it was a Kickstarter campaign, but you can still get all the stories (and the story will be part of an anthology next fall). All the details are over here.

Oh, and I’ve read many of the stories in this project and there are some astoundingly good ones by some great writers. Really worth it.

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