January 18, 2020

2019: The Year in Stories

2019 was a hell of a year for me as a writer. Books released. Short stories sold. Lots of new stuff written, and lots of things learned.

Seems like I should have something awesome and reflective to say about this, but about all I can come up with is, wow! I hit the 10-year mark on writing and maybe that did it, plus all the crazed persistence is paying off. Maybe I got lucky. Maybe both.

In any case a lot of my writing hit the world in 2019. Here is a month-by-month view.


Episode 1

Woody and June versus the Wannabe Warlord

We kicked off the 8-month Woody and June extravaganza. If you missed the fun, this episode and the second one is free when you join the Woody and June Fan Club.


My story “Ashna’s Heart” appeared in Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels, starting a very good 2019 for my short fiction.

Episode 2

Woody and June versus the Fungus-Head Zombies

Episode 2 of Woody and June arrived, also free when you join the Woody and June Fan Club.


“The Disappearing Neighborhood” appeared in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Issue #6. This marks my first professional short story sale! This story made the Tangent Online 2019 Recommended Reading List.

Detecting Haley

We had big plans for the Walter Anchor series in 2019, but all we had time for was splitting out the Walter’s first case into it’s own book (it is also in my short story collection Life After). 2020 is now looking like Walter’s year. Stay tuned!

Episdoe 3

Woody and June versus the Grand Canyon


Episode 4

Woody and June versus the Ex


For a Horse Named Corwin

This story first appeared in  Anomalous Readings: Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales, but I like it so much I figured it deserved it’s own book (and look at that cover!)

Episode 5

Woody and June versus the Third Wheel


“Daisy’s Heart” appeared in  Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #7 . This is the first time my name has appeared on the cover of a magazine! This story made the Tangent Online 2019 Recommended Reading List.

“Dog People” appeared in Snot-Nosed Aliens: Stories from Pulphouse Fiction Magazine

Episode 6

Woody and June versus Phantom Company


Episode 7

Woody and June versus the Daring Rescue


Episodes 1 – 7

Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, Volume 1

All seven episodes in one volume (at a great price).

A Boy, a Girl, and a Ghost

At long last, a new novel in my ghost world. I believe this it be my best novel and am so happy to see it out in the world!


 “A Grave Kind of Love” came out as part of WMG’s Holiday Spectacular 2019.

“With Light Years Between Us” appeared in Issue 8 of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine and marked my second cover appearance!

That was a very busy year writing-wise. Thanks to all of you that read these, all my beta readers, the editors that bought my stories, and my wonderful wife for making this year possible.

Planning for 2020 is well underway and who knows, it might just beat 2019!

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